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At, we are passionate free game enthusiasts who are dedicated to curating and sharing the best free game deals. As avid collectors ourselves, we understand the thrill of finding great games without breaking the bank. That's why is your ultimate destination for everything related to free games

  • We provide comprehensive guidelines on how to participate in and win the featured giveaways.
  • At, we exclusively share games that can be obtained by following simple instructions.
  • Our platform avoids games that employ questionable or unfavorable giveaway methods.
  • You won't find any games that demand referrals, surveys, or dubious downloads on
  • Additionally, we do not feature Greenlight games, which typically involve voting for subpar games to access them on Steam.
  • Rest assured, we thoroughly verify everything to ensure legitimacy. At, no nonsense is allowed!

Big game stores, developers, Publisher, and other entities in the gaming industry are always looking for customers who will engage with their products or services. To attract a large audience, they often organize significant giveaways that require people to visit specific pages, test their games, subscribe to email lists, follow them on Twitter, or like their Facebook pages. In return for these actions, participants have the chance to win free games.
While this strategy may result in some monetary losses for these businesses due to the free games being given away, it ultimately helps them gain potential customers who will use their products or services.

Some of the well-known companies that provide games include Steam, Epic Games, IndieGala, Fanatical, and Additionally, you can also find a wide variety of games on

  • Members of our steam group stumble upon them and inform me.
  • Even the creators of the giveaways themselves inform me, and I then share them.
  • The majority of these giveaways can be found in steam groups, forums, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit...
    If you're looking for a specific website to find and keep freebies, is worth checking out.

I make sure to post them as soon as I discover them because some giveaways have a short lifespan. It's quite common for me to start writing the instructions for a giveaway only to find out that it has already ended.

"Why should I even bother playing games? Aren't they just a waste of time?"

Games on Steam: Unlock Rewards and Level Up Your Gaming Experience

While not every game available on Steam is a masterpiece, each game you play adds to your Steam progress. Every game completed earns you +1 on Steam, contributing to your overall XP and leveling up your Steam account.

In addition, some games drop cards during gameplay or offer the possibility of obtaining cards in the future. These cards can be used to level up on Steam, traded for other valuable items, or even sold for funds in your Steam wallet.

Furthermore, there are those who find joy in giving away games as gifts to friends and family members.

And here's an exciting perk - from time to time, high-quality games are made available for free on platforms like Epic Game!

So why not give gaming a chance? Explore the numerous benefits it offers while having fun and connecting with others.

  • "I attempted to claim a game, but it isn't functioning!" Most games are available for free for a limited time or have restrictions, such as being limited by the number of keys available. This is often done as a promotional strategy. Additionally, most giveaways expire quickly, so you need to act promptly when you receive a notification in order to secure the game.
  • Occasionally, I may overlook the expiration of a giveaway and forget to remove it from the website. If you notice that a giveaway has expired, please leave a comment or click on the report button to notify us.
  • "The link provided in the giveaway is not working." This can happen when there's an overwhelming number of people trying to access it at once.

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